Is it better to play touch or against in FIFA 18?

The competitive sector of FIFA is not stopping growing in recent years. Each time, more players decide to follow in the footsteps of pro players such as Gravesen or Alfonso Ramos and invest many hours of their routine in the EA Sports title in order to become future stars.

However, starting to compete in any video game always costs. And in FIFA, despite having spent all his life playing matches with friends, it was not going to be an exception.

As in real football, defining a style of play, studying the digital versions of football players and rivals requires investing many hours of study.

The importance of defining your style of play

One of the differential factors of the pro players lies in deciding how they face their matches in FUT Champions, the game’s eSports modality. The great level of the rivals that you will find in the days of weekend will force you to define your strategy.

To the touch or to the counter: which one to choose?

The first and most basic decision faced by an amateur player who aspires to be a professional is to decide if he wants to play to have the ball or to go fast on counterattack. A choice that many FIFA gamers face based on their personal taste in traditional football. Therefore, this factor is always very present at the time of deciding.

Another key that must be taken into account when deciding how to play is our favorite footballers. When it comes to composing our Ultimate Team templates, it is normal that we decide to align our favorite cracks in real life. Then, it’s time to analyze your statistics.

What statistics influence the decision?
To play against, the first thing you will need is to invest in band players with very high pace statistics, since giving long passes to the sides of the field will be one of your main resources. In addition, you will find it helpful to complement it with a center forward with a lot of physique and height.

On the other hand, if you want to play to maintain possession and manage the time of the game, you will need your eleven FIFA 18 players to have high stats in the pass. At least 80 up, with the midfield players having the highest skill. Finally, the center forward charged with carrying the goalscorer weight will be important to have good unmarking, shooting power and excellent definition.

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